Birth Card: The Basic Foundation of the Destiny Card Science

Published: 13th August 2009
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To understand the science of the cards, the first thing we need to learn is about your Birth Card. It may have some resemblance to birth astrology but this one uses the cards of destiny as the basis. Essentially this is the card that was governing the day you were born. It is the first and foremost symbol of you and your life. There are other cards that also symbolize you but this one is first and primary. And it gives you a ton of information about you. Many people have discovered their life's purpose simply by reading about themselves in my book, Love Cards. Others have made very lucrative and prosperous planning decisions using my other book, The Cards of Your Destiny. Let's get you started learning what your card is.

You could, if you want, just go to my web site and do the Free Online Reading to find out what your Birth Card is along with a little about it. It can also give you future predictions based on your birthday. But today I am going to show you the formula that you can use to do this anywhere, any time.

By the way, this formula was a time-honored verbal tradition for centuries. It was never recorded until just recently, and was passed down from generation to generation as part of a ritual of attainment. I hope you enjoy using it and appreciating the gift it represents.

Here is the formula in a nutshell:

55 - ((Month # times 2) + Day #) = the solar value of your Birth Card.

Let's do a quick example to illustrate this. We will take Angelina Jolie's birthday which is June 4th. June is month number 6 so we take 6 and multiply it by 2 to get 12. Then we add her day of birth, 4 to it to get 16. Subtracting 16 from 55, we get the solar value of her Birth Card as 39.

Of course you are probably wondering how I find out that card that is, based upon that solar value. Here is a quick table to help you do just that.

Value Card Value Card

1 A of Hearts 27 A of Diamonds

2 2 of Hearts 28 2 of Diamonds

3 3 of Hearts 29 3 of Diamonds

4 4 of Hearts 30 4 of Diamonds

5 5 of Hearts 31 5 of Diamonds

6 6 of Hearts 32 6 of Diamonds

7 7 of Hearts 33 7 of Diamonds

8 8 of Hearts 34 8 of Diamonds

9 9 of Hearts 35 9 of Diamonds

10 10 of Hearts 36 10 of Diamonds

11 J of Hearts 37 J of Diamonds

12 Q of Hearts 38 Q of Diamonds

13 K of Hearts 39 K of Diamonds

14 A of Clubs 40 A of Spades

15 2 of Clubs 41 2 of Spades

16 3 of Clubs 42 3 of Spades

17 4 of Clubs 43 4 of Spades

18 5 of Clubs 44 5 of Spades

19 6 of Clubs 45 6 of Spades

20 7 of Clubs 46 7 of Spades

21 8 of Clubs 47 8 of Spades

22 9 of Clubs 48 9 of Spades

23 10 of Clubs 49 10 of Spades

24 J of Clubs 50 J of Spades

25 Q of Clubs 51 Q of Spades

26 K of Clubs 52 K of Spades

0 is the Joker - I will speak more about the Joker in a later lesson.

From this chart you can see that Angelina Jolie is a King of Diamonds. Now take your birthday and calculate your Birth Card.

This table above is very easy to memorize. Essentially the solar value of any card is its position in the deck when the cards are arranged in their natural order. The natural order is from the Ace to the King, starting with the suit of Hearts, then Clubs, Diamonds and Spades. With a little practice you can do this entire calculation in your head and be able to know people's Birth Card the moment you meet them. Later, as you learn the system more or when you start doing cards reading, you will find this very handy.

Eric John Kingston is an article marketing assistant of Robert Lee Camp. Robert is the number one teacher, author, and authority alive today in the realm of card science. He has written over 15 books about this amazing science and has personally performed several thousand readings for individuals and for businesses and corporations. Get a free online reading and learn more about this card science at

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